I hope one day they will bring back sub units! They were great and I really love them.

I never thought Hello! Project would become such a big part of my life.

I love Zukki! ♥ I want her big sunshine smile back. It seems to be hiding behind clouds.

I really miss Ayaya.

Tsunku is not making sense to me~ Why is he adding more girls in Morning Musume?! I was happy and excited for the auditions, and I still am. But really? Why add more girls when you only use 2 girls out of the entire group? (I love riho and reina, no hate on them at all.) I was hoping for the second a-side of the 50th single for everyone to get equal lines (like in maji desu ka ska!). Honestly I’m worried about Tsunku will do with the other girls in MM.

Berikyuu releases are really the only reason I still like H!P.