We’re back!

Sorry for being gone~!  My old computer died and I only recently got a new one.  Anyways, I removed all of the old pending confessions since most of them are probably out-dated or have been beaten to death by now.  You may resubmit them if you wish.  Please remember that any confessions that are 18+, flat out hate, or trolling will not be posted.  There are plenty of H!P tumblrs that will post those types of secrets.

Also, if I get any more ‘keyboard smash’ spam or people complaining on how I do confessions, I will remove the anon option.

Why must people hate on Masaki’s short hair? I will always support Masaki. ♥ She sing great and her overall personality is wonder and cute. Plus her short hair is adorable.

Every time I see someone say that Haruna is going to be leader over Mizuki, because Mikitty got it over Ai-chan I wanna smack them a little. People of the H!P fandom Mikitty join H!P before 5th gen. She was training since Early 2001 before 5th gen join. Mikitty had Seniority over Ai-chan just like Mizuki has seniority over Haruna. Age doesn’t really mean shit. So please just STFU about it Mizuki will be leader once Sayumi and Reina leave. End of story. 

It bugs me when people say that Reina half-assed her dance in One Two Three. Reina would be the first one to admit that she’s not the best dancer, did people ever think that she couldn’t dance very well? Especially when next to Riho and Daiishi. It’s not like she’s not trying.

I can’t stand reading people’s dumb theories about why Koharu graduated, because they are almost always based on their imaginations only. Koharu said she wanted to become a model, and now she is a very successful one for CanCam! How much more straightforward could it get? She even wrote a book about her life where she talks a little about deciding to leave Musume after Kirarin finished, and yet people always return to “Oh, she was hard to handle/the others forced her out.” Give me a break!

Not gonna lie, I was disappointed when I found out about Ai potentially having a boyfriend. I was really hoping she’d end up being gay.