We’re back!

Sorry for being gone~!  My old computer died and I only recently got a new one.  Anyways, I removed all of the old pending confessions since most of them are probably out-dated or have been beaten to death by now.  You may resubmit them if you wish.  Please remember that any confessions that are 18+, flat out hate, or trolling will not be posted.  There are plenty of H!P tumblrs that will post those types of secrets.

Also, if I get any more ‘keyboard smash’ spam or people complaining on how I do confessions, I will remove the anon option.

I hope one day they will bring back sub units! They were great and I really love them.

I never thought Hello! Project would become such a big part of my life.

I love Zukki! ♥ I want her big sunshine smile back. It seems to be hiding behind clouds.

I really miss Ayaya.